The Bombon Cardigan

The Bombon Cardigan is an oversized semi-cropped cardigan with an air bobble detail, which accentuates the upper body while being incredibly confortable to wear. The boxy shape andthe air bobble pattern make the drape of the cardigan flow and be the perfect companion for high-waisted jeans or a form-fitting dress.

The Bombon Cardigan is worked in 5 separate pieces: the back, right and left front and two sleeves. Once they are knitted, they must be seamed together. Even though all pieces are worked flat, if
possible, work with 32” (80 cm) or 40” (100 cm) circular needles to acommodate the weight of the back piece.

Finished measurements:
49 54” (124.5 137 cm) bust
19 20 1⁄4” (48 51.5 cm) length.

Techniques used:
Stockinette stitch
Seed stitch
Knit 5 below
Make 1 right

You can find the Bombon Cardigan at my Ravelry Shop, right here.


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