The Cordillera Pillow

The Cordillera Pillow features a bobble chevron motif pillow worked on a Reverse Stockinette stitch background. It includes buttonholes so you can easily take the pillow insert or filling out of the cover and wash it at convenience.

Cordillera in spanish means “Mountain Range”, and I believe it’s the perfect name for this textured chevron. After all, it does look like a mountains aligned. 😉

The Cordillera Pillow is worked flat in 3 separate pieces: the front, and the button and buttonhole flaps for the back. Once they are knitted, they must be seamed together.

Techniques used:

Reverse Stockinette stitch.
Rib 1×1 stitch.
Knit 2 together.

Purl 2 together.

Make Bobble.


You can buy the Cordillera Pillow pattern here.

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